Globalization and the International Working Class: A Marxist Assessment
Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International

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Table of Contents


Part One

Globalization and the dynamics of capitalist development

Global economy versus the nation-state system

A qualitative change in the structure of world capitalism

Globalized production and the trade unions

Capitalism and the origins of the nation-state

Spartacist and the "stockholders who care"

International finance vs. the capitalist state

The rise and fall of the Bretton Woods system

Part Two

Marx and the "iron law of wages"

The rejection of a revolutionary perspective

A separation of immediate demands from the struggle for socialism

Spartacist denies the fall in living standards

Economic nationalism and American chauvinism

Globalized production and proletarian internationalism

Part Three

Transnational production, the nation-state and the origins of war

Capitalism strains against the confines of the nation-state

Karl Kautsky and "ultra-imperialism"

Spartacism and Kautskyism

Fear of globalization's revolutionary implications

Part Four

The Spartacist League and the trade unions

Marxism and the trade union question

The antagonism between the unions and revolutionary Marxism

Engels and the English unions

The lessons of German social democracy

The historic degeneration of trade unionism

Part Five

Mythologizing the CIO

Spartacist's defense of the AFL-CIO

The degeneration of the unions -- an international phenomenon

A wave of defeats and betrayals

Strategy and tactics, Marxism vs. opportunism

A crude apology for bureaucracy

Part Six

On the national question

Globalization and the "new nationalism"

Lenin's conditional attitude toward self-determination

Where Spartacist champions self-determination

Promoting Quebeois nationalism

Sri Lanka and the Tamil question

The Mexican crisis: Marxism vs. petty-bourgeois nationalism

The perspective of permanent revolution

Part Seven

Spartacist and Stalinism

The USSR's dissolution and the crisis of capitalism

National state socialism

The Chinese "workers state"

Part Eight


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